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Young Adults

Does any of this resonate with you?

You become overwhelmed thinking about what you will do for the rest of your life.

It feels like your confidence is shaken or totally gone and you’re not sure of anything anymore.

It’s scary to contemplate being a “real adult.”

You worry that you might not actually be capable of doing what you want in your life.

You find yourself feeling nervous or anxious a lot.

Socializing and being around people seems to take up a really big chunk of your energy.

Your eating and sleeping habits are all out of whack.

You are hard on yourself and might feel like nothing you do is ever good enough.

As a young adult, this point in life can be so intimidating with tremendous pressure to decide what to do with “the rest of your life?”

Let’s be honest, that’s a really big and complicated question!

Whether you’re 18 or 28, it can feel like you have to lock in a plan or be left behind. You may even be hearing this message explicitly from parents and well-meaning loved-ones or more indirectly across our culture. Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed by that?!

Now, what if you’re struggling with anxiety or depression on top of all that pressure?  Some days, you’re not even sure you can “do life.” It’s difficult to figure out big life decisions when you’re just trying to make it through the day.


When you’re bogged down by all the things you’re “supposed to be doing”, life becomes unbearable and loses joy.  Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can learn how to manage anxieties, practice taking things one step at a time, and gain confidence in making the decisions that are best for you! Relationships can improve, you can find meaning and purpose, and most importantly, you can feel good about being yourself!

Maybe the things that are bothering you weren’t triggered by adulthood at all. Maybe there are things that have unsettled you for a long time. Perhaps you’ve been battling uncomfortable emotions caused by trauma or maybe you’ve had anxiety and have never felt that great about yourself. It’s possible that you may not even know why you’re struggling but you know something is “off”. Regardless, you feel ready to get help so you can live the life you want.

Counseling Sessions:

Counseling with me is pretty relaxed.

We definitely talk about serious stuff, but it doesn’t have to be strictly business all of the time, especially if that’s not your style. One thing is for sure – we focus on what’s important to you!  Since everyone is unique, therapy looks different for each person and is based on needs, wants, and personality.  My goal is to make sure that you feel heard and like we’re going in the right direction.

During sessions, we will first explore things that can be changed in your life so you can have some more immediate relief. For example, you will learn coping and calming strategies, communication skills, and how your thoughts affect your feelings and behaviors. While these psychoeducational and skill-based approaches are an important foundation in therapy, exploring where problems started (root causes) helps to create the most sustainable change. Sometimes those root causes aren’t so obvious. Accordingly, the second phase of therapy will involve digging into what’s under your issues and sorting through those things to deepen self-awareness and insight.


It’s important to remember that sometimes simply “getting things out,” is necessary and so we will always create space for this and is often where a session may start. This includes talking about your feelings, processing tough experiences, and more.  There’s no judgment here, so you can be 100% yourself, and “get out” whatever you need or want to.