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It’s tough when your teen is in pain, and you just want to fix it.  You wish they could see themselves as the capable and amazing person that you see.  You’d do anything to support them if you only knew how.

Maybe you’ve read some parenting books, asked your friends for advice, or gone deep down the internet rabbit-hole searching for ideas. You may have even stumbled upon some tips that helped temporarily but in time, the issues persisted.

Whether your teen is sharing with you or turning away and leaving you wondering what’s actually going on – you know something is different – something is wrong – and you’re determined to get them help.

Common Reasons Teens Begin Counseling:

Anxiety, Depression, & Low Self-Worth look different from person to person. Here are some things you could be seeing from your teen that mean it’s time to consider counseling:

Worrying excessively or about things that may not make sense to you.

A need for perfection that is disrupting daily life.

Crying or tearing up with little or no provocation.

Withdrawing, isolating, or avoiding friends, family, and activities.

Engaging in unhealthy relationships, behavior, or activities.

Self-medicating with cannabis, alcohol, or other substances.

Help your teen build resilience & feel good about themselves.

Over the course of my career, I’ve spent thousands of hours helping teens who were struggling with Anxiety, Depression, & Low Self-Worth, the effects of trauma, and lacking confidence. When I began my work as a counselor I knew this was my “niche” and that has only been reinforced in the many years since.

My goal is to help your teen create a healthy life they love and feel good about. That may include finally believing in themselves, enjoying school, or simply looking to each new day with hope and determination. It brings me tremendous joy to see my clients find confidence, embrace life, and gain the freedom they’ve been missing. I’d love to see these types of things happen for your teen as well.

What to Expect


Therapy with me is pretty laid back. Part of the power of counseling for teenagers comes from them simply feeling seen, heard, and respected. I recognize that they’re all different and take the time to get to know them.  In turn, they quickly see that I’m genuine and I care.

Since every teen is unique, sessions look different based on individual needs, wants, and personality. I’ll check in with your teen regularly to make sure they feel like we’re working on what’s important to them.  In addition, we will incorporate skill building, self-reflection, and goal-setting which is a collaborative and integrative process.  In the second phase of therapy, we will explore the origins or “root causes” for your teens’ struggles.  Understanding root causes and the “traps” or patterns they may fall into again in the future leads to the most sustainable long-term changes.


As a parent, you play an important role in your child's treatment and your participation is key.  At the same time, it is critical that your child can speak freely in sessions without fear that what they share will be passed along in detail to you.  So how do we split the difference?  

Parents are asked to participate in combined and/or separate sessions at differnt points throughout treatment.  In the very first session, you will join to discuss history and set goals.  After this point, we will schedule monthly meetings (at a minimum) that may or may not include your child.  These meetings will include an overview of what your child is working on, progress towards goals, and what you can do (or not do!) to support them at home. Supplemental parent-coaching is a service that is encouraged to establish or deepen your own skills, understanding, and self-awareness.  Your child is part of the family system and the healthier the collective system is, the better the outcome for your child.


I know you might not be sure about this whole therapy thing. Or maybe you've even tried therapy before and it didn't go so well and you don't see the point of trying again.  You might also be thinking that there's no way I could possibly understand what you're going through.  I get it.  I was there once too. I ask that you give me and therapy a chance. While I can't promise you that therapy will be easy, I can assure you that if you put in the effort, it will be worth it - you WILL see and feel change. 

When you commit to the process, counseling can help you believe in yourself, recognize your value, and build the skills to be the best YOU that you can be. It can also create some comfort and calm in your life. I specialize in providing therapy for teens with anxiety, depression, low self-worth, and those just figuring out who they are. And I genuinely want to help.  What have you got to lose?