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Telehealth or “online counseling” helps to address some of the roadblocks that get in the way of starting or continuing counseling.

Maybe mental health support is limited where you live, maybe your schedule doesn’t allow you or your teen to make it for an in-office session, or maybe you can’t find anyone who specializes in the issues you or your teen are dealing with. Online counseling offers a solution.

Telehealth itself is similar to in-person counseling except that it provides the convenience of doing sessions without all the legwork of getting to a physical office. Instead, sessions are facilitated over a secure video-conference platform and you can participate from home, school, work, on vacation, and more.

In addition, you get the added benefit of working with a therapist who is the best fit for you or your teen even if they aren’t located nearby. As a clinician licensed in New Hampshire, Maine, and New York, I am able to offer services to clients located anywhere in all three states.

With Telehealth, you can schedule an appointment directly online through the client portal and have the entire session take place digitally. All you need is a smartphone or laptop/computer/tablet with a video camera, audio/microphone capabilities, and internet access.

No apps, no downloads, no hassle!

Some folks would prefer not to sit on a device for therapy.

You may prefer to be doing things while you talk to someone.
If that’s the case, then Walk & Talk may be for you.

Walk + Talk

If you’re located in the Mount Washington Valley or surrounding areas in New Hampshire or Maine, Walk & Talk sessions are an alternative option.  Walk & Talk sessions are exactly what it sounds like. We walk and talk. Think of it as therapy on the go. We walk at your speed and stop or go when you want.

There are lots of benefits to this type of therapy. You may or may not have heard that physical activity can act as a natural type of antidepressant – an effective method to help with treatment of anxiety, depression, and some other issues. The research supporting this claim is substantial and growing rapidly. In addition, simply being outdoors and getting Vitamin D also supports an improved mood – total bonus!

When scheduling your session, it’s important to indicate if your preference is for Walk & Talk so that we can plan accordingly. We can meet up at a local path or trail of your choosing or I can suggest some options. Please keep in mind that if we are walking trails, it will likely have a bit higher intensity level than walking on the road or sidewalk. Trails often have uneven ground, sticks, rocks, roots, and more substantial up- and down-hill portions.


You don’t have to choose to solely do Walk & Talk sessions. You can if you’d like, but we can always rotate between Walk & Talk and Telehealth sessions, as you prefer.