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    About Mr. Boa

    Mr. Boa is a Pomeranian. He is 10 years old and extremely friendly. Pomeranians tend to have perky, spirited, and confident personalities. If I had to choose one word to describe him, it would be spunky. He is a small dog, about 13 pounds, and is not aggressive. Mr. Boa was certified as an emotional support dog in 2018 and has received all his vaccinations. Emotional support dogs are great for anxiety, chronic stress, PTSD, and so many more debilitating mental disabilities. Mr. Boa gets groomed every few months and brushed every day, so he sheds minimally. Some of his favorite hobbies include playing fetch with his special ball, going on peaceful walks, going out to eat at restaurants, snuggling in his teepee, camping, and going on car rides. Mr. Boa has traveled all over the country. His furthest adventures have taken him to Alaska, Colorado, and even small islands along Florida. He is the most loving, loyal, smart, and obedient dog I have ever known. I know he will provide comfort and love to all his clients!